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The next generation of telecom networks (fifth generation, or 5G) is here and it’s expanding worldwide. As one of the most critical building blocks of the digital economy and society, it offers faster speed and paves the way for a new Internet of things (IoT) ecosystem where billions of connected devices can be served.

To unlock massive deployments and adoption, 5GaaS project will develop a decentralised marketplace for the telecom ecosystem.

This new platform will ultimately enable the creation of a decentralised marketplace. Using blockchain technology, it will be able to connect the whole 5G value chain of stakeholders such as mobile network operators, site owners, system integrators and hardware and software vendors.

It will also contribute to the development of new efficient business models, with the integration of new roles, with the aim to enable the extensive roll out of 5G services in frequently underserved geographies

  • Demonstration of 5GaaS in at least 5 European cities, targeting a total of 25 sites, by repurposing existing infrastructuring and installing new smart and connected urban furniture with built-in telco equipment.
  • Development of smart contracts
  • Development of modular hardware/software to support “as a service” objective

E-REDES scope

As a partner, E-REDES plays the role of Neutral Host in the project. As Distribution System Operator and infrastructure holder, grants access to part of its infrastructure for demonstration purposes. It also coordinates WP4 – Demonstration.

Project ID

Led by Ubiwhere | 5 partners & 4 countries | Funded under: H2020-EU.3. H2020-EU.2.1. | Grant Agreement ID: 958832

Start date: October 2020

Finish date: March 2023

Budget: 3 161 575€

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