Renewable Energy


  • Characterize the needs of an electrical system with high penetration of renewables (> 50%);

  • Optimizing the coordination of flexibility (centralized and distributed) in European transport and distribution networks;

  • Validate, in real environment, the tools that lead to the improvement of the operation of the distribution network operator and the transmission network;

  • Conceptualize a market for the efficient integration of flexibility resources and study of impacts within the existing and future regulatory framework;

  • Develop a "roadmap of flexibility", including replicability and scalability studies of solutions.

E-REDES scope

E-REDES is leading the Flexibility Hub, defining the user requirements and implementing the demo to validate the flexibility services delivered by the DSO to the TSO, such as:

  • Control of resources owned by the DSO for voltage control purposes and congestion management, reactive/active power ratio forecast and control;

  • Technical validation of market flexibility activated by the TSO (including the VPP);

  • Dynamic equivalents for the transmission network nodes.


Project ID

Led by Eirgrid |34 partners & 14 countries | Funded under: H2020-EU.3.3.4. | Grant Agreement ID: 773505

Start Date: November 2017

Finish Date: November 2021

Budget: 26 489 895,25

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