E-REDES invests 3.7 million euros in new substation in Arganil

E-REDES has begun to work on the project for the construction of the new Arganil substation and respective high voltage (HV) and medium voltage (MV) network, electrical infrastructures with an estimated investment of 3.7 million euros, which will supply around 4 thousand residential and 20 business customers.

The construction of the new Arganil substation, an E-REDES infrastructure that will integrate the national electrical system, has already started and is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. At this moment, the concreting of the support walls and the structure of the control building is being carried out.

In addition to the new substation, which will have an initially installed power of 20 MVA, the HV network will also be built, which will feed the substation and the entire new MV network, which will interconnect to the existing one.

For the construction of this substation and electricity distribution network, in addition to the entire internal structure involved in the management and implementation of this project, E-REDES will have the involvement of several business partners.

These new infrastructures are part of the Company's policy of investment and maintenance in the electricity network, with the main axes being the improvement in the supply of electricity, the increase in network resilience, the renovation and rehabilitation of assets, the automation and digitalization in network management, along with optimization measures in operations.