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Counting in the MV Outputs of the SEs - Improvement in the process of energy balance in the MV network

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Following a first pilot, this project ensures that E-REDES has an industrialized solution, from the installations and operations, to the IS and the conditions to perform the energy balances (BE) at the medium voltage (MV) outputs of Substations (SEs).

Among others, the following topics and technical elements are addressed:

  • Definition of the technical matrix resulting from the solutions evaluated in the pilot and respective supplies.
  • Technical solutions to be incorporated into the model project and articulation with the solutions of the Enterprise Counting Evolution.
  • Technical solutions of communications foreseen for the sites covered.
  • Programming of the various works and the organization process of the various entities involved.
  • Integration of IS to facilitate and make more expedite and secure the exploitation of the information necessary for the BE as well as the necessary solutions to ensure the Quality of Information.
  • Articulation with the exploitation and maintenance of the business count.

It is also taking place with the experience acquired the incorporation in the substations project, so that in all new installations this type of solution will be included.