Energy Transition

European Projects

E-REDES is the national private company with the largest participation in European projects. Funded under the framework programs of the European Union (EU), it has several ongoing Research & Innovation (R&I) projects.

We want to ensure that the energy transition fits everyone, without exception:

We are the national private company with the largest presence in European projects.
We work with more than 300 international partners of 50 different nationalities.
We actively contribute to the development of sustainable energy policies at the European level.
Would you like to be an active part of these projects and the ongoing energy transition?
Join the thousands of European citizens who are already part of the energy transition. Your active participation and involvement is crucial in reducing and adapting to climate change. Behavioral changes towards more sustainable patterns can be promoted through increased knowledge, awareness, observation and monitoring of their environmental impact, civic engagement and social innovation. For the energy transition to serve everyone, it is essential to directly involve citizens and communities in contributing to climate action and environmental protection, encouraging them to change their individual and collective behavior. This is one of the main objectives of innovation and research projects: to test and validate solutions that help build a better world for all.
Do you want to be part of this transformation?
    • To help chart the path for the energy transition, contributing to a more sustainable world and future;

    • Actively contribute to innovation and research on energy and climate-related issues

    • Adopt more sustainable behaviors, sharing consumption habits and making them more efficient

    • Participate in projects that have a real impact on your home and community

  1. European innovation and research projects, depending on the specific areas they address and the selection criteria, allow any citizen to participate in actions related to the demonstration of new solutions.

    If you are interested in being contacted for possible participation in future European projects, please fill in this short questionnaire