Intelligent networks

Features that help manage electric consumption.

The new intelligent metering equipment (EMI) allows you to take advantage of features that help you better manage energy data (consumption and production), that is, manage energy more efficiently and at lower cost.

Thus, E-REDES provides the following services:

  • Serial Communication Port Access;
  • Access to the Point Load Diagram (Point DC);
  • Access to the Daily Load Diagram (DC);
  • Remote Operations.

In order to benefit from these services your installation must meet two conditions: have an Intelligent Metering Equipment (EMI) installed and at a later stage be integrated into an intelligent network.

Consult the chatbot application, available at the bottom right of the page, selecting the options "Meter" -> "Meter Replacement" and find out when the installation of your EMI is scheduled.

Redes Inteligentes
Intelligent networks services
Serial communication port access
Intelligent networks services
Accessing the Point Load Diagram
Intelligent networks services
Access to the Daily Load Diagram
Intelligent networks services
Remote Operations