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Soon there will be a reserved area to perform and monitor the status of your requests for access to low-voltage poles.

We offer dark fibre optics on a rental basis, supported by the National Electricity Distribution Network (high and medium voltage).
Fibra Ótica
  1. Fibre optics may be rented by telecommunication operators and, in general, by all companies provided that their purpose is duly indicated.

  2. The fibre optics network is installed in the National Electricity Distribution Network (High and Medium Voltage), mainly on overhead power lines.

  3. The fibre optics which are subject to the right of use, have the technical characteristics set out in ITU-T recommendation G652 (.B or.D) or the equivalent categories of the standard IEC 60793-2-50 (categories B1.1 or B1.3).

  4. In its descent from an overhead to an underground position, the cables are always dielectric, with optical distribution frame placed in E-REDES facilities. Any connection to the telecommunications company premises shall be carried out at that location by E-REDES 's technicians.

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