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Qualification Systems
Supplier qualification is a process by which we establish a list of qualified suppliers to supply a particular category of goods or services. In order to achieve this, a number of objective and transparent criteria are applied, of a quantitative and qualitative nature, be their technical, environmental, economic and financial, or of any other specific kind. Search here for qualified materials.
Area Reservada Negocios
LV gates and LVN meter boxes
With the publication of the new edition of DMA-C62-807, it is considered appropriate to disclose the LV Portholes and LVN Metering Boxes, qualified by the different suppliers and under process 17/SQF/2019, enabling the information to be widely disseminated. This document presents an illustrated summary of the LV Portholes and LVN Metering Boxes. The information provided here does not override or dispense with full consultation of the results of the technical analysis carried out in 17/SQF/2019.
Continuous Contract Qualification REDES (01/SQF/2021)
See background information on the EC 2021 and clear up your doubts in the FAQ.
  1.> Customers and Partners > Suppliers > Qualification Systems > Documentation / Qualification Systems > Consult(

    Then search for 01/SQF/2021.

  2. Access the Supplier account here and follow the steps indicated.

    Next, you should send an email to requesting to upgrade your registration level to 'Advanced' in order to apply.

  3. Send an email to requesting to upgrade your registration level to "Advanced" in order to apply.

  4. In order to be eligible for the negotiation procedure to be launched during 2021, in case of interest, the application must be submitted by 1 June 2021.

  5. If you submit your application after the set date, its analysis will depend on the availability of E-REDES, and it cannot be guaranteed that it will be finalised before the first negotiation procedure is launched.

  6. Questions regarding the documents and process: Questions regarding registration in the Supplier Registration System (SRF):

    Questions regarding the use of the qualification management platform:

  7. Yes. The 05/SQF/2014 qualification system for individualised Work Classes (CO), where you can select the CO you wish to qualify for, and the 13/SQF/2013 for work on Substations, in the electrical assembly or civil construction areas.

  8. Regarding the two Qualification Categories in question, the following should be said:


    • Regardless of the Qualification Category (Networks 1 and Networks 2), the Interested Parties, whether they are companies individually or in the form of a grouping, must obtain qualification in the totality of the groups of asset classes referred to in the Qualification Programme;
    • The typology of work/works to be carried out in the scope of future works contracts is, in general, the same in both Qualification Categories (Networks 1 and Networks 2);
    • Stakeholders who qualify under Qualification Category Networks 1 will automatically be considered qualified under Qualification Category Networks 2. Stakeholders who obtain qualification in the Networks 2 Qualification Category will do so only for this Qualification Category (Networks 2).
    • The main differences between the Qualification Categories derive from the specific qualification requirements to be met by Qualification Categories, as described throughout the Qualification Programme, namely in point 9; please note that the qualification requirements of Qualification Category Networks 1 are substantially more demanding than the qualification requirements of Qualification Category Network 2;
    • For information purposes only, point 1.6 of the Qualification Programme describes some rules/conditions regarding future contracting procedures, depending on the Qualification Category in question, highlighting the possibility of constituting differentiated sets of lots, possibly grouped according to the Qualification Categories (Networks 1 and 2), and it is expected that the annual value of each contract to be awarded in Qualification Category networks 2 will be less than €7,000,000 (seven million euros).
  9. No. There is no impediment as to the participation, separately, of operators integrated in the same corporate group in the SQF under analysis, either individually or through a grouping. Thus, economic operators from a given corporate group may present, at any time, either individually or as part of a group, the respective request for qualification, as long as they meet all the qualification requirements under the terms foreseen in the Qualification Programme in question.

  10. For the purposes of submitting an application for qualification, in cases where groups are formed, they do not need to be registered as an entity in the registration system. However, the registration requirement, at the 'Advanced' level, remains for the individual entities that are part of the group.

  11. In the qualification phase it is not necessary to identify which entities will be subcontracted, requiring only the information, by the interested entity, that it will use subcontracting and in which Class(es) of Work (CO).

  12. Yes. Only entities qualified under the qualification system reference 01/SQF/2021 may participate in the negotiation procedure for the formation of contracts aimed at the joint acquisition of services and construction work, maintenance, repair, assistance to the network and customers, carrying out work on vegetation and carrying out commercial service orders, in High Voltage (HV), Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) electricity distribution networks (Works Contracts).

  13. For the purposes of accounting for the technicians to be considered in the Qualification, we indicate in number 2.2.1 (category Networks 1) and 2.2.2 (category Networks 2), of annex I of the Qualification Program, the quantities per Asset Class and which training certificates must be presented for the indicated technicians, with no distinction, at this stage, per Work Class:
    Example: Network Category 1 : Asset Class/Work Group PTS + BT + Counts
    2 (two) Engineers
    85 (eighty-five) Electricians
    1 (one) technician with "MV Boxes" Certificate
    All the executants with certification in TET BT, that is, the 85 (eighty-five) technicians.

  14. For qualification in Qualification Program No. 01/SQF/2021, in the category of Networks 2 must comply with what is indicated in Annex I of the PQ. Specifically in the Grid 2 qualification category and in particular for the HV/MV asset group/workgroup, the minimum requirements for human resources are (i) 20 HV/MV Electricians and (ii) 1 FO Junctionist, as per the aforementioned annex. Simultaneously you must meet the requirements for the remaining asset groups/works group, indicated in the aforementioned annex.

  15. For qualification purposes in 01/SQF/2021, the Normal Low Voltage Energy Counting - Connections training, with a duration of 9 days and 10h of live works included, is not adequate. Only technicians with complete live/LV works(119h) will be considered.

  16. As indicated in item e) of paragraph 2.1 of annex I of the Qualification Programme, they must guarantee that all their workers, to whom the possession of specific training certificates is demanded (Live works, Execution of HV Boxes, MV Boxes, Execution of Counting Teams, Optical Fiber Joiners, Chainsaw drivers, working at height and others) must present the respective certificates issued by the training entities for that purpose. Thus, evidence of specific training in fiber-optic joiner by a training entity should be guaranteed.

  17. Act 414132129, Number 72, Notice 4824/2021, published in DRE, Series II, dated 14 April 2021.

  18. Yes. Interested parties must be registered in the Supplier Registration System, managed by the GoSupply partner, in the registration level "Advanced" or "360".

    This registration has no cost for the entities that register.

  19. The video call service allows you to access the services provided by E-REDES service point assistants remotely, avoiding the need to physically travel, particularly at a time when social contact should be restricted as much as possible.

  1. The Interested Party may only obtain qualification in one of the Qualification Categories, and must expressly make this choice when submitting the request for qualification, under penalty of exclusion.

    Thus, the analysis of the respective qualification request is autonomous for each Qualification Category, so that the result of the analysis refers only to the Qualification Category for which the Interested Party presented an application.

    Thus, if the request for qualification for Qualification Category Networks 1 is considered "Not Qualified", the Interested Party may submit a new application for Qualification Category Networks 2, if it so wishes. At no time will E-REDES consider an application submitted for Networks 1 as eligible for consideration under Networks 2.

    Notwithstanding the above, we remind you that a Stakeholder who obtains aa Qualification in Qualification Category Networks 1 will automatically be considered as qualified in Qualification Category Networks 2.

    Is the list of works performed required? It is not mentioned in the qualification programme, only in Annex III – Instructions, it is stated that "All certificates, lists of works, accounting documents, etc. should be enclosed with the Questionnaire".

    The submission of the mentioned list of works is not mandatory.

  2. Both this and other declarations should be submitted in your registration area in the Supplier Registration System (SRF), maintained by the GoSupply partner (, and will be transposed to the application when preparing it.

  3. All documents that support the Request for Qualification must be written in Portuguese, which will also be the language adopted in all procurement procedures that will be carried out within the scope of the Request for Qualification.

    When, by their nature or origin, the documents are written in a foreign language, must the party interested in Qualification submit a certified translation into Portuguese?

  4. The present Qualification System does not foresee the setting of criteria or rules of an objective and non-discriminatory nature in order to limit the number of candidates that will be invited to tender, i.e. all qualified entities will be invited to tender.

  5. The main form corresponds to the page on the platform that must be filled out at the time of application; there is no specific document that can be printed. Once all the information is filled in the platform, you must submit it, which is registered in the application.

  6. The contracting entity makes the ESPD available in the parts that concern it, namely:

    (a) Part I (Information about the procurement procedure and the contracting authority);
    b) Part III (Exclusion Grounds), indicating other exclusion grounds applicable in Portugal, if applicable; 
    c) Part IV (Selection Criteria), if applicable.

    Subsequently, each applicant must complete the ESPD with the information that concerns it, namely:

    a) Part II (Information about the economic operator);
    b) Part III (Reasons for exclusion);
    c) Part IV (Selection Criteria), if applicable
    d) Part V (Reduction in the number of qualified candidates), where applicable;
    e) Part VI (Final statements).

  7. The information could be placed in the "Chainsaw Training" column by changing the name of the column to "Chainsaw Training/MV Boxes".

  8. (i) The candidates to the qualification under the Qualification Programme 01/SQF/2021, may, for the purposes of compliance with the minimum requirements regarding the number of electricians for the Asset Class/Transformer Substation + LV + Counts Works Groups, present the number of technicians indicated in Annex no. 1 holding qualification certificates corresponding to a LV-Network live works course with a workload of less than 119 hours, provided that the companies evidence or declare that these technicians have a minimum of 2 (two) years experience in the function and have not interrupted the LV-Network live works activity for a period exceeding 6 (six) months.
    (ii) For the purposes of the specific training in chainsaw operator, technicians with a duration of less than 16 (sixteen) hours will be accepted, provided that it is evidenced or declared by the candidate companies that these technicians have a minimum experience of 1 (one) year in the function.

  9. Under the terms and for the purposes of the provisions of Article 248 of the CCP, the following updates are being made to the qualification rules and criteria:

    1. For the purposes of instruction of the respective Qualification Request, the Interested Parties may submit the following documents:

    (i) Licence;

    (ii) Professional Licence of the Technical Manager;

    (iii) Academic Background of the Technical Manager;

    (iv) Professional Licence of the Live Works Manager;

    (v) Academic background of the Live Works Manager;

    (vi) Specific Live Works training of the Live Works Manager;

    (vii) Academic background of the Quality Manager;

    (viii) Specific Quality Training of the Quality Manager;

    (ix) Environment Manager Academic Training;

    (x) Environment-specific training for the Environment Manager;

    (xi) Academic background in Safety Manager;

    (xii) Certificate CAP Level VI TSSST of the Safety Manager, and;

    (xiii) Copy of the Social Security Contributions, written in Spanish or English, given their technical specificity.

    2. The other documents must be presented under the terms and conditions foreseen in the Qualification Programme, namely in clause 11.

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