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The low voltage connection is typically intended for residential customers, shops, offices and small businesses.

Within the low voltage connection, you can choose between a normal low voltage (NLV) connection for contracted powers equal to or less than 41.4 kVA and a special low voltage (SLV) connection for contracted powers of more than 41.4 kVA.

Low Voltage
Order a low voltage connection

If you need a low voltage connection for your premise, please complete and submit the form.

Ligação Baixa Tensão
Simulate budget value for low voltage grid connection

E-REDES offers a simulator to help you understand the estimated cost of connecting your company to the low voltage grid.

Connection Manual
A guide to good practice for connection to the public service electricity grid at all voltage levels

E-REDES has punlished a Manual which sets out the main procedures for connecting private service premises to the public distribution grid, clarifying any queries you may have.

Electricity quality

E-REDES regularly monitors the quality of electricity on the distribution grid through specific measurements.