Digital transition


The digital transition is one of the key issues on the European agenda, with the digitalization of the energy sector being one of the priorities in order to achieve the objectives of the EU Green Deal and REPowerEU, reflected in the launch of COM(2022) 552 "Digitalising the energy system - EU action plan" in October 2022. The electricity grid is one of the focuses of the digitalization of the sector, in which an investment of EUR 170 B is planned at European level in the electricity distribution network by 2030. The digitalization of the electricity grid will increase the number of data collection points, which will lead to a greater need to process this data, along with making it available and sharing it with different entities in order to ensure efficient grid operation and planning.

The main objective of the DATAMITE project is to help entities from different sectors to share, monetize, manage and strengthen the trust of their data, through an architecture made up of a set of modules (governance, quality, security and data sharing) through which it will be possible to facilitate data sharing between the different parties and where the potential for data monetization will also be explored. Development is carried out using an interoperable architecture based on open source components. Acceptance by the community is driven by the provision of intuitive graphical interfaces and detailed documentation and adapted training materials that address technical and commercial aspects.

  • Helping users to monetize, govern and trust their data by developing a framework made up of different modules: data governance, quality, security, sharing, support tools;
  • Explore new ways of sharing data through the development of connectors, based on the framework of various initiatives related to Data Spaces;
  • Explore the potential of data monetization by analyzing the state of the art of data markets at European level and data monetization mechanisms;
  • Demonstrate the concept in 3 different sectors (agriculture, energy, telecommunications) in a total of 6 use cases.


E-REDES scope

The digital transition is one of E-REDES' main focuses, and sharing data with customers and entities from different sectors is one of its priorities. In October 2022, E-REDES launched the Open Data portal, where you can access various data from the energy distribution network in Portugal. The main objective of this platform is to make these datasets available to consumers and all interested entities in order to increase consumers' digital and energy literacy regarding their consumption data, create new services based on this data and also boost research and development in the sector.

In the DATAMITE project, E-REDES is responsible for one of the energy sector pilots where it intends to explore new ways of sharing data, based on the Open Data portal, in order to:

  • Increase the number of users of the open data available on the portal;
  • Discover new channels for sharing data with consumers and other sectors, such as Data Spaces;
  • Reduce the operating costs of the Open Data portal.

In this pilot, the datasets collected and processed by E-REDES will be made available, in aggregate form, as open data via a dedicated platform. This data, grouped in a data lake, will be adapted to a set of raw data processing algorithms developed in the project to improve on those currently in use. These data sets will then be migrated to the project's data lake to create a test environment for developing and implementing connectors, using the data sharing tools developed in the project, between the data lake and other data spaces. In this way, it will be possible to guarantee simplified access to data through an energy data space, where it is hoped to enrich the spectrum of data users and combine it with other sources to increase its value for society. In this pilot project, the economic impact of the investment in connecting to a data space will be evaluated from the point of view of investment, maintenance and communication.


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