Our relationship with suppliers is important to us. Trust, transparency and cooperation are key pillars of this partnership, which always aims to provide a quality service to citizens.

Sinergie – Supply Integration for Energy
Sinergie – Supply Integration for Energy is E-REDES's online platform, which aims to streamline the relationship between our procurement areas and the market in a simple and secure way.
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Electronic Public Procurement
With this platform, it is possible to manage the entire procurement process in a simple and transparent way.

Through this tool, it is possible to manage all documentation relating to its relationship with E-REDES, including the introduction of invoices into the system.

Supplier Registration

E-REDES Supplier Registration System (SRF) — developed and managed by GoSupply Services and InnoWave Technologies — is a support tool for supplier search and selection. The registration process is indispensable for any company wishing to be consulted on E-REDES tenders and does not involve any burden on suppliers.

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  1. By registering you may:

    • Take part in the procurement and sale of products and/or services by electronic means.
    • Change or confirm your registration details at any time using a unique access key.
    • Enter your documentation quickly via the Internet.
    • There are more than 1000 product and service categories to best identify your activity and portfolio of products and services, all organised by business segments:
    1. Construction Contracts and Services
    2. Generation
    3. Networks
    4. Renewables
    5. Corporate Services
    6. Information and Communication Technologies
  2. Registered companies benefit from:

    • Visibility to all of the E-REDES structure.
    • Participation in electronic procurement/sale of products and/or services.
    • Share, in E-REDES's management systems, the registration information required for risk assessment and sustainability in the processes for selecting and procuring goods and services.
    • Independence to change/confirm registration details permanently using a unique access key.
    • Inclusion in a supply philosophy by category of product and services that best identify their activity and goods and services portfolio.
  3. This registration process acts as a search tool, allowing you to select suppliers from a database.

    The registration will be validated after submission, by the supplier, of all formalities related to the process. The supplier will be notified by email, being assigned the user number and respective access key.

    The supplier has full responsibility for keeping the registration information updated and reliable to E-REDES.


  4. This system is based on a four-tier registration:

    I – Elementary

    • General details
    • Financial data

    II – Basic

    Elementary +​​​

    • Financial data
    • Contractual obligations (Taxation Authority, Social Security, etc.)

    III – Advanced*

    Basic +

    • Compliance
    • General Quality data
    • General Environmental data
    • General Prevention and safety data
    • General Sustainability data

    IV – 360°*

    Advanced +

    • Compliance
    • Full Quality data
    • Full Environmental data
    • Full Prevention and safety data
    • Full Sustainability data

    *Suppliers will be invited to levels III and IV according to the criteria defined for the sustainability management of the E-REDES supply chain. All the administrative burdens involved are fully borne by E-REDES.