Prevention and Safety

A culture of best practices

For us, safety is a matter of principle. It is a commitment we make with our customers, employees and service providers.

Work in the vicinity of the power grid

Know the preventive measures before working near the power grid.

Safety in the Community

Find out how we work to build a safer Community. 

Training of Professionals on Safety

Learn about the required training that ensures that all workers have sufficient knowledge to protect themselves from the risks associated with their activity.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Certification

Our safety policy is based on the continuous development of a culture of good practices in occupational prevention and safety, thus minimizing the risks of accidents.To ensure compliance with this commitment, E-REDES follows the EDP Group's Occupational Health and Safety Policy, which ensures compliance with legislation and, consequently, protection and safety for all of us. 

E-REDES has had its Occupational Health and Safety Management System certified since 2020 in accordance with the NP ISO 45001:2019 Standard, with the scope of certification applying to "High, Medium and Low Voltage Electricity Distribution Activities in Mainland Portugal, carried out in technical infrastructures and buildings".