Individual Customers


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Customers with special needs
We ensure a close relationship with all Customers with special needs.

Call recording

We were granted permission by the Portuguese Data Protection Authority (Authorisation no.229/2009) to make a random recording of calls made by Customers, users or other stakeholders in our services. The purpose of this recording is the internal monitoring of the service and information provided and the obtaining of quality certificates.

If you wish to access, correct and/or delete information, you may do so in person, by phone, e-mail or by filling in a form obtained from EDP Soluções Comerciais. The shelf-life of recordings is no longer than six months.
If Customers, users or other stakeholders in EDP services do not agree to the recording of their call, they should use other alternative means of contact such as Internet, e-mail, post, as well as EDP stores and agents.

Stores and Agents
We have several communication channels at your disposal. For assistance in-person, find the store or agent closest to you.
Contactos Agendar Loja
Power in figures
Monitor the evolution of national energy data

EDP Distribuição makes available a daily updated site with production and energy consumption data in Portugal.


Apoio ao Cliente
8h-22h | Dias úteis | Custo da chamada definido pelas condições do seu tarifário
Leitura do Contador
24h | Chamadas grátis
Avarias Elétricas
24h | Chamadas grátis