Individual Customers

The relationship with our customers is of enormous value to us.

Although the commercial relationship is established with the retailers, it is we - as distribution network operators - who deliver the energy to your home. Count on us, count on our energy.

Customers with special needs

We guarantee a quality relationship for all our customers with special needs.

Area Reservada Operadores Telecomunicacoes
Service points

We have several communication channels at your disposal. For an in-person service, find your nearest service point. 

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E-REDES Numbers
Energy in numbers

Follow the evolution of energy data at national level. On this page you will find daily updates of production and energy data in Portugal. 

Information on Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumers

The consumer may send his/her complaint or any consumer conflict to the entities responsible for the protection and promotion of consumer rights, namely the Directorate-General for Consumers or to the alternative dispute resolution mechanisms that are or will be legally constituted, including those made available by ERSE.The alternative dispute resolution procedures available to consumers are mediation, conciliation and arbitration.

E-REDES is subject to necessary arbitration under the terms of Law no. 23/96, of 26 July, when, at the express option of the consumer, the disputed complaint is referred to the consumer dispute arbitration centres authorized by law.We remind you that the decision of the arbitration procedure has the same legal effects as a decision of a court of first instance. The consumer can refer his/her disputed claim to the following alternative dispute resolution bodies available:

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Prices for checking the quality of electricity in 2024 in Normal Low Voltage installations

Pursuant to point VIII.3 of Annex I of the Quality of Service Regulation (Regulation no. 826/2023), the price in force in 2024 for checking the quality of electricity is indicated below.

NLV (Nornal Low Voltage)       €27.50

The above price is plus VAT at the legal rate in force.

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Customer Service
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Meter Reading
24h | Free call
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Video call assistance
Talk to our assistants from the service point, without having to leave home.