We distribute energy

We are the main electricity distribution grid operator in mainland Portugal for high, medium and low voltage grids.

We distribute energy




Our vision


We are committed to being a trusted brand, always close to consumers, by ensuring a quality service, focused on the customer and guided by a strong social responsibility. 

We work daily to ensure a quality service, with the objective of becoming the European reference operator in the efficient management of electricity distribution grids. 

José Ferrari Careto - Chairman of the Board of Directors of E-REDES

Our Mission

What moves us, where we are, and where we are going? Our purpose is to give light to the country and make our energy unique. It is to reach all points of mainland Portugal, always with the will to make our work the best and to guarantee a service of excellence. It is to end another day with the certainty that our light will not be extinguished.

Our goals
  • To guarantee the supply of electricity to all consumers, with quality, safety, and efficiency. 

  • Promote the development of the distribution grid that supports the energy transition. 

  • To ensure, in an exempt manner, the availability of services to market agents. 

  • Maintain the distribution grid and ensure security of supply; ensure compliance with quality standards. 

  • Enable the integration of renewable generation into the distribution grid: support increased energy efficiency in consumption. 

  • Provide services to consumers, suppliers, and other agents in the electricity sector. 

Our History

In this long path that already counts more than 40 years, we have witnessed the development and growth of the energy sector in Portugal. This is how a story of resilience and commitment is born. It is by rolling up our sleeves that we are happy. This path we are very proud of and has brought us to the Present, to E-REDES. 


Our Values

We believe in the competence of our people, and we act with integrity and rigor in building solutions for consumers and stakeholders.
We ensure an essential public service, throughout the national territory, guaranteeing agility in response time, always attentive to the expectations of customers and of the entities with which we relate.
We continuously innovate, promoting and supporting new solutions and services that make the electric grid smarter and facilitate the consumers' active role, contributing to a more sustainable environment.
We are there for the good times and the bad, thanks to a team committed to ensuring the supply of energy safely, efficiently, and with determination.

Our numbers

245.916 km
Distribution Grid
44.143 GWh
Distributed Energy (2020)
6.4 M
2.361 h