Energetic Transition

The future is our present

The grid faces several challenges in the energy transition.

Smart grids bring improvements in service quality
Monthly consumption calculation , based on real readings. Change of contracted power, disconnection, cycle change, executed remotely. Personalized communication through messages received in the smart device at the consumer's home. Efficient monitoring via web (Load Diagram) - graphical analysis of consumption, simulation and consultation of the time cycle for selection of the most advisable period for consumption, adaptation of contracted power to actual consumption. Association of intelligent equipment with local devices (PCs, PDAs, displays) through a HAN (Home Area Network) to query consumption data. Configuration of automatic warnings (letter, email, SMS, local devices) to further rationalize consumption.
Redes Inteligentes
At E-REDES, by introducing new technologies and tools, we are creating an energy network that is smarter, more efficient (economically and energetically), reliable and sustainable. Our commitment also includes the self-consumption model, which allows customers to produce their own energy locally and contribute directly to reducing their electricity bill.

What is being done by E-REDES

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