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Collective self-consumption

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Billing activity, with regard to access to the grid (RESP), may verify one of the following scenarios:

  • The energy consumed in the consumption facilities of the collectivity - produced by UPAC with use of the RESP - will be billed to the EGAC.

  • Energy consumed at the community's consumption facilities - produced by UPRACs not using the RESP - is not billed.

  • Energy consumed in community consumption facilities - not produced by the ACU but with the use of the RESP - will be invoiced to the Supplier.

  • The EGAC is thus responsible for paying the Grid Operator the Grid Access tariffs to be applied to self-consumption through the RESP, as defined in the Collective Self-Consumption Regulations.

  • EGACs will be invoiced according to calculations per Consumption Facility, considering the grid voltage level to which the ACUs that supplied the energy consumed are connected, with invoices being issued on a monthly basis and files being sent with the respective details.


Contact Channels

To address issues of collective self-consumption contact us at apoio.autoconsumo@e-redes.pt