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Self-Healing MT Grid

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E-REDES is testing Self-Healing solutions in underground and overhead MV distribution networks. 
This project seeks to develop and test the evolution of the architectural model FLISR (Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration) and coordination of protections (IEC 61850 R-Goose), aiming to 

  1. Increase network operation efficiency, through fast detection, fault isolation and network reconfiguration, fully automated (reduction of operation time associated with events and NDE).
  2. Improve quality of service indicators, namely SAIDI, SAIFI, voltage dips, among others. With this system it should be possible to isolate the fault and feed back the grid autonomously.

To implement these projects it was necessary to involve different areas of knowledge with the objective of digitalizing, sensing and automating the operation of the distribution network. The project team, made up of E-REDES members, among other challenges, integrated a unique solution in Portugal without compromising normal business processes and with the strong involvement of partners EFACEC (Air HS) and SIEMENS (Underground HS).