Manage risk

New challenges, same priority

In a world that is constantly changing, digitalisation, technological advances and smart grids have created new opportunities, but that also brought new challenges that we face with the same security.

Information Security Policy
We are aware that the information entrusted to us, particularly sensitive information about customers, employees and the business, as well as that relating to energy distribution, must be managed in such a way as to ensure credibility and trust with our stakeholders. To this end, we have developed an Information Security Policy, in line with best practices, which forms the basis of the Information Security Management System (ISMS), which sets out the following objectives: Adopt the best cybersecurity practices in line with the EDP Group; Manage cybersecurity risks throughout the life cycle of information assets; Strengthen cybersecurity operations and ecosystem, with a focus on IIMC; Promote a transversal and participative cybersecurity culture; and Boosting cybersecurity maturity.