R&D Projects

Evolution of Enterprise Counting

The Enterprise Counting System (SCE) is tasked with collecting data from readings and Load Diagrams for more than 56% of the total energy transiting through the networks operated by E-REDES.

This project defines the new smart metering business solution, in an end-to-end perspective, from metering and communications equipment to systems and operations, aimed at the implementation and preparing the future roll-out, including this infrastructure in the Smartgrids developed and operated by E-REDES, which is a pioneering aspect in the area. 

The development of requirements, the detailing of the overall solution, architecture and specifications took place in 2021. Market consultations, tests, field pilots and preparation for the roll-out of the solution will take place during 2022 and in early 2023. 

MV/HV meter specification

The future functional and characteristics specification and tests for the meters for MV and HV metering points have been prepared. These documents were shared with the market and other stakeholders, and feedback was requested from them in order to ensure alignment with equipment already on the market or under development.

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Router/IoT Gateway proof of concept

In the context of the ECE project developments, the need arose to respond to the implementation of advanced features extending the capabilities of metering and approaching the SmartGrid concept, enabling technical solutions that respond to issues such as observability and flexibility services, which are important both in present and future network management including control of distributed production.

Thus, in November 2021, E-REDES, jointly with market partners, launched the challenge of achieving a prototype in two months, without any costs for E-REDES. This was successfully achieved and corresponded to the implementation of the following demonstrated functionalities:

  • Online remote visualization of the measured magnitudes in the meter; Verification of the collection cycle of meter measurements and events.
  • Remote creation and reporting of spontaneous meter events and alarms.
  • Response and sending of the measured values on the meter to the supervision, working in bridge mode.
  • On-site visualization of the information of the measured quantities and synchronization in the 15-minute cycles through four digital signals, able to ensure the legacy of the availability of these data for the control of the customer's process or also for use by the distribution system operator on-site.
  • Creation and reporting to supervision of local power failure events and sending of Last Gasp signalling.


In 2021 the definition of the technical solution to be adopted in the application of the Inovgrid concept (normal low voltage or BTN) was finalised, also for special low voltage (BTE), through the use of EMI BTE PLC PRIME with a semi-direct connection, with adjustments to the data model and hardware (HAN port and cut-off relay) taking into account the existing market offer in Spain where this is not offered. 

A new ECE pilot is already underway in the first half of 2024 and the Prime PLC EMIs for BTE are already based on the new Prime 1.4 protocol, the solution that will be in force in Portugal and Spain in the future.

Alongside this, conversations were held with some manufacturers to frame the development of this solution, and the consequent implementation of a pilot and the necessary procedure of adapting systems and processes for the collection and availability of metering data and network management.