E-REDES Top Women Scholarship

We are committed to promoting full participation and equal opportunities in our organisation, but also to supporting and extending it to other technological areas.We aim to encourage an increase in the number of women choosing technological areas, where gender imbalances still persist.To this end, we have developed this programme which aims to arouse the interest of young students in technology, and to attract young women who are graduating with master's degrees in the fields of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Milestones do Programa de Mentoring

Top Women Scholarship

Mentoring sessions: E-REDES’ mentors accompany the mentees in order to motivate, inspire and contribute to their personal and professional development.

A Day with a Mentor: Accompany a mentor on a working day to understand the E-REDES reality, get to know the mentor's work and stimulate networking.

Talk: A session to share the experiences and professional challenges of 2 mentors, with the aim of inspiring and motivating the mentees to follow a professional path in the area.

Webinar: E-REDES Engineers share their experiences, with the aim of bringing the mentees closer to the business context.

A Day at E-REDES: A visit to two core areas, promoting closer ties to the business and stimulating networking.

2nd edition Winners
    • Ana Carolina de Figueiredo Milroy
    • Beatriz Maria Rodrigues Reis
    • Ana Matilde Guedes Perez da Silva Barra
    • Beatriz Barbosa Guichard Lucena Coutinho
    • Catarina Oliveira Pires
    • Eunice Juliana Freitas Amorim
    • Margarida Assis Ferreira
    • Mariana Miraa Monteiro
    • Ema Margarida Branco Parreira Barão
    • Luzia Fonseca Saraiva
    • Catarina Rodrigues Palma
    • Carina Raquel Ferreira Alas
    • Alexandra Santos Pestana Rodrigues
    • Camila Bacelar Bertelli
    • Maria de Fátima Gonçalves de Campos
    • Marta Filipa Santos Martins Xavier
    • Matilde Onofre Lopes Moura Plácido
    • Mónica Chen Jin
    • Raquel Alexandra Chamusca Pereira
    • Raquel Sofia Diogo de Oliveira Chin
    • Rita Teresa Marmelo Castro Oliveira
    • Teresa Ferreira Nunes Galvão Correia
    • Daniela Filipa Pinto Dias
    • Eva Pomposo Bartolomeu
    • Mariana Cabral Silva Silveira Rosa
    • Daniela Cristina da Silva Fernandes
    • Eva Miriam Pires de Castro
    • Juliana Pereira Galvão
    • Matilde Oliveira Pizarro Bravo