Public Lighting

An instrument of Citizenship

Lighting plays a primordial role in our lives, whether it is for lighting service or residential buildings, industrial lighting, signage lighting or public lighting.

The Role of E-REDES
E-REDES is responsible for the distribution of low voltage electricity in the 278 municipalities of mainland Portugal, on an exclusive basis, and is committed to reducing consumption of public lighting. The implementation, conservation and management of the IP networks is the responsibility of the municipalities, but under the terms of the concession contracts for low voltage electricity distribution networks, the municipalities have delegated this responsibility to the distributor – E-REDES.

Since the start of the LED campaigns in 2016, we have installed more than 896,000 LED luminaires, with very significant economic and environmental benefits:

  • Reduced consumption of 384,000 MWh of electricity.
  • Savings of 40.4 million euros in municipal bills.
  • Reduction of 67,000 tonnes of CO₂ emissions. By 2022, the investment plan estimates the installation of 225,000 LED luminaires, which will contribute to the goal of reducing carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions into the atmosphere by 172 ktCO2eq by 2025.

Public Lighting Numbers

110 ktCO2 eq
CO2 Emissions avoided (by 2023)
616 GWh
Energy saved (with the installation of LED luminaires, 2015-2023)
LED lights installed (2023)