E-REDES launches first edition of "Security Olympics"

Through this initiative, it promotes a positive Safety culture, with the goal of "Zero accidents".

Next April 28th is the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, which aims to raise awareness about the prevention of accidents at work. At E-REDES safety is a commitment we assume every day, through the promotion of a positive safety culture, with the goal of "Zero accidents". 

This year, the organization joins this celebration by holding the first edition of the "Safety Olympics".  

The initiative consists of a competition aimed at electricians, in which participants compete against each other in the execution of their day-to-day activities, focusing on compliance with safety procedures. 

The management of energy distribution networks is an activity that requires a lot of responsibility and care, since it involves risks such as electric shocks, falls from heights, and handling heavy loads. For this reason, at E-REDES, we are committed to promoting a culture of safety and prevention, so that our employees can perform their tasks with peace of mind and safety.

The event will also allow us to value the work of all electricians, who daily ensure the presence of energy where it is needed.  

Thus, the celebration of this day aims to highlight the importance of safety in the activities performed regularly, as well as to encourage socializing, in a relaxed environment, among all our employees and partners.