E-REDES and the Directorate-General for Education launch the 4th edition of the Digital Academy for Parents

Project reinforces digital literacy in schools and empowers parents as digital consumers to solve everyday needs.
ADP 4ª edição

"Digitalization is a necessary and natural step in today's society and it is essential that more and more users are aware and informed of both the potential that digital gives us and the need for everyone to use it safely. It is in order to promote these two pillars that we are moving forward with another edition of the Digital Academy for Parents, promoting safe digital training for all"

José Ferrari Careto, Chairman of the Board of Directors of E-REDES

"The Digital Academy for Parents is a program that invites parents and guardians of primary and secondary school students to attend training courses that promote digital skills. In the current context in which it is imperative that schools foster innovation through the transversal integration of digital technologies in the different curricular areas of primary and secondary education, with a view to continuously improving the quality of learning, digital literacy takes on a very structuring dimension.  In this context, it is essential that parents and guardians are able to monitor their children's school life, particularly in terms of the safe use of digital technologies, networks and the Internet. This program has become a determining factor in the full social integration of parents and guardians."

Maria João Horta, Deputy Director-General of Education.