E-REDES wins 3 prizes at the Portugal Digital Awards 2023

After more than 300 applications in its 8th edition, the joint initiative between Axians and IDC awarded prizes to E-REDES' GridWise and OpenData projects.

"GridWise is an innovative platform for monitoring and controlling low-voltage (LV) electricity grids, combining cutting-edge IT and OT technology. With the application of artificial intelligence, IoT and real-time data analysis, the project offers an innovative approach to managing electricity networks."

Francisco Rodrigues, project management team

"The Open Data portal represents the work of collecting, processing and making data available so that we can integrate it into datasets and, using the portal, make it available to society as a whole. Our mission is to turn this data into knowledge to drive the Energy Transition."

Bruno Espírito Santo, project management team

"These awards are confirmation that there are no insurmountable obstacles when you work as a team in a spirit of collaboration and mutual help to find creative solutions to complex problems. It is a great privilege to be part of this transformation process at E-REDES.

We are focused on ethically using digital technology and artificial intelligence to increase labor productivity and worker safety, improve the efficiency of operations and the resilience of the electricity grid, and enrich the customer experience."

Fazila Ahmad, deputy director of the E-REDES digital platform