Speak-up E-REDES

Report to us if you have identified any conduct that violates ethical principles, legal provisions or internal rules.

E-REDES firmly pursues a policy of transparency, giving voice to those who consider that certain conduct violates ethical principles, legal provisions or internal regulations. To this end, it provides a Speak up - E-REDES channel, which, while complying with the legal requirements for denunciations, allows easy access to all those who wish to use it.

The Speak up - E-REDES channel is a global channel, which welcomes the reporting of alleged violations of the Code of Ethics and all legal issues - among which we highlight those provided for in the general whistleblower protection scheme recently published in Portugal (Law No. 93/ 2021, December 20) - as well as internal policies and regulations. This channel can be used by any E-REDES stakeholders.

E-REDES has an explicit commitment to protect those who report complaints and has processes, procedures and a channel duly prepared for this purpose. This commitment presupposes full respect for the principles of non-retaliation or retaliation against anyone who makes use of this means of reporting in good faith and on a well-founded basis.

The handling and management of the reports submitted is based on processes designed and implemented to ensure their total security, independence, integrity and conservation. Communications may be submitted anonymously, and all information exchanged is confidential and protected against unauthorized access, ensuring the protection of personal data.

If you are aware of any situation that you consider to be unethical or in breach of legal or internal regulations, be sure to report it. Use the Speak up - E-REDES channel.