I&D Projects

Vegetation management through satellite imagery

E-REDES is present in the entire continental territory, managing an aerial electrical network with 179 thousand kilometers of extension, 28 thousand of which are installed in forest areas.

For E-REDES, as an ORD, asset management and vegetation management become key components in the prevention and anticipation of failures and incidents, which would have a negative impact on the network and its various stakeholders. Despite the good practices used, and the various technological means employed, it is intended to continue to innovate in grid management and its coexistence with vegetation. In this context, the Earth Observation for Vegetation Management project aims to analyze the use of advanced analytics on images collected by satellites in the management of vegetation in the vicinity of high and medium voltage grids. 

This technology was implemented to answer two use cases:

  1. Identify plant species in the proximity of the overhead grid, estimate their height, condition and growth.
  2. Assess the implementation of interventions to open protection zones and secondary fuel management strips, using analytics on satellite imagery.