The energy path to the customer

The electric energy reaches consumers' homes through the distribution grid managed by E-REDES.

It is through the transmission and distribution grid that energy suppliers bring electricity to the homes of their consumers. E-REDES is responsible for operating the grids.

The energy distribution grid has been reinforced and modernized to respond to new demands, such as demographic growth and the consequent evolution in consumption. It consists of overhead lines and underground cables of high, medical and low voltage, always guaranteeing the necessary levels of quality and minimizing grid losses.

As fundamental grid infrastructures, we also have substations, switching and transformer stations, and public lighting installations.

The way
Electricity metering

E-REDES is responsible for measuring electrical energy consumption, through meters placed at the customers' premises.

Data is collected manually, by providing readings or by specialized technicians, as well as automatically by means of intelligent meters. These are provided to each of the market agents for processing the respective invoices. However, they are used for more purposes, such as: monitoring consumption profiles, identifying anomalies and enabling swifter action in the replacement of electricity.